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Welcome to SmartWay Solutions ltd.


We in SmartWay Solution believe that data centers can be manage in a smart and better way, that's why we developed Eway-DCM (Data Center & IT assets  Management),  data center multilayer management solution that provides powerful and intelligent tools for managing data centers. Eway-DCM was designed from the ground up by data center professionals. Their main aim of the DCM is to provide potential clients (i.e. IT departments/divisions of medium-large organizations) with broad and deep visibility into their operations.


Conduct business continuity exercises on the part of the examiners and on the part of DR Exercise Executives


Manage the overall information of information systems, systems, computing equipment, documents, databases, users and their role Communication lines and more


Managing data centers and computer rooms in an easy and efficient way that leads to considerable financial savings


Displays the relationships between system servers and databases in dynamic graphical form


Smart bound management with a convenient tool that also includes a graphical display and export to Excel