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SWAY-DCM revolutionizes Data Center management by making them run simpler, more efficient as well as and making them more eco friendly.


DCM (Data Center Life Cycle Management) is a data center multilayer management solution that provides powerful and intelligent tools for managing data centers. DCM was designed from the ground up by data center professionals. Their main aim of the DCM is to provide potential clients (i.e. IT departments/ divisions of medium-large organizations) with broad and deep visibility into their operations.


DCM allows our clients to plan for growth and change of their data centers by optimizing their current operations, assets and infrastructure. DCM provides an accurate and in-depth views across the entire data center, including servers, blades, virtual servers, applications, databases, network information, storage information and space. Additionally, the DCM also presents a real-time views of power consumption, heat dissipation, as well as raised floor space and rack elevations. Diagnosing and isolating potential problems is fast and easy with DCM.


DCM is equipped with a Web based user interface, a SQL database and reporting tools based on MS Reporting Services. Additionally, DCM supports multisite management and is suited for medium to large organizations with one or more server sites deployed on multiple sites. 


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